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"The matchmaker" website offers a pleasant and diverse acquaintance platform, on a personal base, by Sarit Hen Yadgar.

Sarit Hen Yadgar

  • Spiritual consultant - Parapsychology studies: Professor Shifrin Abraham.

  • Healer: Reiki master studies: Elia Federman.

  • Sarit is very sensitive and has strong intuitive senses that help her get into one's soul, understand one's heart and tune one's way.

Professional Resume

  • Singer in the signal corp band.

  • Music studies in "Rimon" institute.

  • "Ort engineering" college graduate- architecture course of study.

  • Worked as an interior decorator in "Castiel" company and in "Ar-Tal" architecture office.

Friends' Circle

"The matchmaker" website focuses on a very high standard, diverse population, made up of non religious people, traditional people, academic people, high society and also contacts with the Jewish American community.

Secrecy and credibility

"The matchmaker" website dedicates great importance to credibility and secrecy.
The details that are given by the candidates, and are found in their personal files, including the legal declaration that obligate the candidates to sign and to acknowledge by formal statement that they are not married and that all the given details are true.
It is important to know that in some exceptional cases there may be use of secret details from personal files using the services of a private investigator.

Professional staff

  • Psychologist: Dr. Roni Ofer, clinical psychologist and owner of "Ofer institute" for couple therapy.

  • Private investigator: Eran Shaked, authorized by the ministry of justice, and has lots of experience in the investigation field.

Personal compatibility matching

  • Personal accompanying - personal meetings and phone assistance.

  • Warm and caring treatment.

  • Sorting and maximal matching.

  • Discretion.

  • Personal file - psychological questionnaire, personal photo.

  • Data verification control - I.D photography, relevant documents display, signed legal declaration, important data examination.

  • Legal consultant.

  • Psychological service respectively with client.

  • Private investigator- Eran Shaked, use of investigation services in irregular cases.

If you feel ready to find a warm home, and later on having kids -  that’s the time to join "The matchmaker".


How to get to a first date?

It's not a secret that first appearance gives it signs, and leaves the first impression.
What does it mean?
It means that it is very important to feel good about yourself, love what you have to offer, remember that the beauty comes from inside and then goes outside.
It's important to accumulate force and arrive confident, just flow and remember: "everything comes from up above and everything happens for the best"..
Feel if there is savor of more and give chance even if princess or prince charming did not come out of a fashionable catalogue.

How to build a wedding material relationship?

  1. Believe and aim towards finding the right person.

  2. Get into the relationship with a lot of will and readiness to invest in an obligatory relationship.

  3. Devote to love and pamper your partner.

  4. Mutual respect.

  5. Give absolute confidence (It's soothing to know that you can trust your partner).

  6. Be good friends, talk about everything and don't hide a thing.

  7. Develop mutual hobbies, and enjoy common time together.

  8. Passion and attraction (very important all along the way).

  9. Correlate expectations with your partner, and decide that you stop looking for a partner, in order to understand that your relationship is truly satisfying and right for you.

What is chemistry?

To me, chemistry is some sort of interpersonal flowing. If everything flows, and there is laughter, and there is sexual attraction, and there is will of being close to each other, then it’s a sign that LOVE IS IN THE AIR…

Choosing your partner..

When we are ready for an obligatory relationship, we tend to choose partners that will make us feel good about ourselves, and make us look and feel successful.
Then the will of being together becomes stronger.


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Tel Aviv, Israel

You will be mostly welcomed,
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It's not easy to be single today. The longing for relationship, the desire for new experiences with serious and compatible partners- is big..

If you feel ready to build your warm home and later on to bring kids into the world - this is the perfect time to join "The matchmaker".



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The bigger your faith is, the bigger the realization will be.

Believe strongly that you will get your love - and it will happen!



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